Way beyond her wildest expectations we playfully, gently and safely transformed Lydias deep fear into joy, love and t...

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Laura realised a life long dream  - truely connecting with horses,nature and herself.  Taking her back to childhood...

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Nils found that clear technical instructions together with a search for the true and underlying feeling gave Understanding...

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La Luz Video

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" Connecting with Horses"  http://youtu.be/V0z5Qnnft9U



Call me

If you have any queries about our work here or would like a chat  about how our courses or sessions can enhance your own learning experience just send an email to arrange a time.

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Just Breathe

Here at Live and Breathe Horses we believe that the breathe is the most subtle form of communication to guide the horse and the most natural way to connect.

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Change is good, transformation is even better.


Due to personal circumstances I am now closing Live and Breathe Horses and will be on the road givin...Read more

"The weather is warming up in Andalucia and its perfect for spending time outside in our pista getting to know our beautiful horses."
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