About Us


Susan Harden

Susan Harden is the director and trainer at La Luz. She has 40 years experience in the horse world. Starting with an obsessive love of ponies from an early age, she progressed through pony club onto show jumping and eventing. After moving to Spain in the late 1980′s her imagination was captured by the spirit of the Spanish horse and her focus came more onto dressage – especially with the discovery of the great master Nuno Oliveira through her work with Miguel Barrionuevo of Centro Ecuestre Artequus and Pura Pasion.

For the last 20 years she has trained horses full time and though recently has dedicated more time to teaching riders still finds time to work several horses every day. Susan takes every opportunity to keep redefining her own potential and still finds magic in the daily work with each horse.

Apart from horses ( which actually leave little time for other things ) Susan enjoys her children, flamenco dancing, martial arts and studying/ training as a therapist.


Elke Mastwijk

 Elke Mastwijk runs illuminating courses at La Luz with Susan several times a year

At the age of  23 she was denied a job because her  posture was so appalling. Soon after she joined the 3 year Alexander Technique Training course and discovered what it meant to be able to move with joy, ease and grace. In 2001 she trained as a CranioSacral therapist and now practices both disciplines. The Alexander Technique facilitates (body) awareness, poise and balance. With CranioSacral Therapy she can identify and resolve underlying problems which can be the cause of tension and restrictions. It is her passion to share the insights gained through more than 18 years of experience to help others release their potential.

The courses Elke teaches together with Susan at La Luz are “Alexander Technique for Riders” and “communicating with horses on the ground”.  Check the courses page for details.

Elke is also a skillful equine CranioSacral Therapist. More information of her work with horses can be found on her site: www.paardencranio.nl and on YouTube


Em Farrell


Em Farrell runs FAMILY WORKSHOPS and RECOVERY FROM TRAUMA  healing programs at La Luz several times a year.

More information will be available shorlty










Fern Patterson


Fern is head groom at La Luz. She teaches childres and takes rides out in the country. She will also collect you from the airport should you require that service. Fern has a degree in Fine Art Sculpture which comes in very handy for building the muck heep !