Had a wonderful few days exploring and learning about Horsemanship with the wonderful Susan. Her patience, kindness and absolute dedication to the delicate balance of self connection, self exploration and interaction with these wonderful Spanish horses made for one of the most unique experiences of my life.  I thought that the riding and the horsemanship work would be easy enough, both with the horses and with my own issues but really I knew nothing ! I just scratched the surface and learnt more in a few days about my current life challenges than months in therapy ! Thanks again Susan.     Louise, Sydney, Australia. February 2016

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Louise, | February 2016


At last I have been taught by a person who truely understands horses, Susan is an excellent teacher and I have learned so much. I felt as one with my horse which really helped my confidence. The ground work and the riding were pure joy.  Also excellent food and accommodation.   Jenny Tomlinson,  England  november 2015

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Jenny Tomlinson, | November 2015


I had the most amazing day here and it all became as I lay down to sleep in the most relaxed state ever – it was lovely. We packed alto into a weekend break from work for me but I feel completely rested. Next time I will be back with friends so I can share the beautiful experience, and for longer. I loved being with the horses. Thanks for joining the dots and making my riding technique logical and improved.  I will take a lot away from this lesson. Great chance to practice my basic Spanish too! Much love and see you again soon. Siobhan McDomell,  England October 2015

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Siobhan McDomell, | October 2015


Thankyou Susan for opening yourself and your stables up for us, it has opened a wealth of experiences and impressions for both of us which will stay with us for a long time !  We can not wait to come back to La Luz, you , Dana, Bobby, Orea, Apache, Unica, Muñeco, Galileo,Triunfo, Morisco (and perhaps  Bandolero), the kittens the children and that special atmosphere. Mila and Misa de Kempenaer, Holland October 2015

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Mila and Misa de Kempenaer, | October 2015


Coming from Singapore Centro Ecuestre La Luz was different from any riding school I have ever been in. The teaching was more natural, more considerate and respectful to the horses.  I was really happy not to have to use my whip once, so guys don’t bother to bring one. The horses are happy healthy, sensitive and very well-schooled. A big thankyou to Susan as you really made me look at riding differently and make it more enjoyable. I finally learned how to relax on a horse here and feel the wonder of “ my horses legs are my legs “ I hope I can come back again to this peaceful sanctuary for horses and humans. If you love horses and dogs this is the place to be. Alex’s meals are super yummy too and this talented chef can cater to the most fussy food allergies and dislikes. Overall it has been a wonderful countryside holiday for me and I will recommend it to all my friends. Shanying Chng, Singapore                 October 2015

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Shanying Chng, | October 2015


Centro Ecuestre La Luz provides a unique learning experience for those seeking to connect with horses on an indidividual basis in a safe supportive enviroment. Instruction tailoured to your individual needs. Highly recommended for all levels and abilities. Debbie Evans , England september 2015

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Debbie Evans, | September 2015


Ideal place to relax and learn with horses. Excellent having Susan willing to teach us what we wanted and not a set curriculum. Thresa Smith,     England may 2015

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Theresa Smith, | May 2015


A wonderful place to chill out and connect to horses with more feel and lightness. Vicky Bender - Smith,  England may 2015

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Vicky Bender - Smith, | May 2015


A loving place in wonderful surrounding with absolutley gorgeous horses that who were very patient with me. Superb place to relax and come back to myself. Alexandra Oud,    Holland april 2015

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Alexandra Oud, | April 2015


After 9 months of illness a week with Susan was just what the doctor ordered. It is not just about the riding, it is about the connection you get with the horses. The course was tailor made to meet our needs so I really learnt a lot, and not just about horses.  Susan is a fantastic teacher and explains everything in an easy to understand way so that I feel I have gained a different kind of knowledge about horses. I can’t wait to get home and put it all into practice on my own horses ! The place is laid back and calm with a warm relaxed feel. The horses are very gentle and ideal for anyone with any fears. Thankyou Susan, you are an inspiration and a wonderful teacher, I can’t wait to return. Julie Rogers,  Mallorca

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Julie Rogers, | March 2015

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