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Posted : Wednesday 16th November

Due to personal circumstances I am now closing Live and Breathe Horses and will be on the road giving clinics. That way I can meet more people and be effective helpin...

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Posted : Sunday 21st February

While listening to a TED talk entitled 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation by Celeste Headlee it occurred to me it was also relevant and sound advice when connectin...

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Posted : Tuesday 16th February

 It is what is so captivating when we watch horses at liberty, what gives them such grace and e...

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Posted : Saturday 13th February

  One of the many reasons it feels good being around horses is finding ourselves in a place of quiet calm, that space we need to create when we ask them to choose to be with us . Even j...

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Posted : Thursday 15th October

We had a great week recently with Debbie Evans from England.  She came to work on confidence and balance. Because these are such recurring themes here I thought to d...

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Posted : Monday 12th October

 I have long procastinated over writing this piece as i find no words to express what i want to say. Anelkas ( Nelly ) arthritis had worsened to the point where he was in pain even when standing still. After trying every treatment and t...

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Posted : Tuesday 28th April

Most riders are aware of the idea that the horse should be ridden from back to front not front to back. In this way we can ensure he builds the right muscles to carry the rider with poise and elegance while staying balanced and healthy i...

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Posted : Sunday 26th April

We have had a wonderful experience with Sue Leffler´s centered riding clinic here this week.We loved how it combines all the classical principles with grounding and energy work. We are delighted to have new tools as riders and tea...

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Posted : Wednesday 4th March

CENTERED RIDING CLINIC – harmony between horse and rider                       ...

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Posted : Saturday 24th January

First grass of the year and the horses are ecstatic, we like to make sure they get plenty of time out to just be horses. We also pride ourselves in the ...

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