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A Sad Goodbye

Posted : Monday 12th October

 I have long procastinated over writing this piece as i find no words to express what i want to say. Anelkas ( Nelly ) arthritis had worsened to the point where he was in pain even when standing still. After trying every treatment and therapy available ( even stem cell ) with no improvemnet in his condition we took the torturous decisión to have him put down. He truely had a heart of gold giving so much to so many. He was a superb teacher and irreplacable member of our team. More than anything his sure solid being gave confidence to those who were stuck in fear, he opened the hearts of many a lost soul and reignighted joy where that flame had gone out. I can only add thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all that you gave , for all that you were, you are deeply, achingly missed.

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