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Centered Riding with Sue Leffler

Posted : Sunday 26th April

We have had a wonderful experience with Sue Leffler´s centered riding clinic here this week.
We loved how it combines all the classical principles with grounding and energy work. We are delighted to have new tools as riders and teachers to greatly enhance what we are already working on.
"The ultimate goal of Centered Riding is not to be a discipline unto itself.  It must go forward in its purest and least complicated form so it may be integrated into all disciplines of riding."   Sally Swift
The horses also really love it as it finds the most natural way to be truly in harmony . Especially the older stiffer horses benefited.  Sue’s great skill as a horsewoman and teacher along with her vast experience in body work means she can use a unique hands on approach to give the riders the precise “ how “ when they know the  “what” . With the more nervous riders she focused on helping them find ease and balance in the saddle while feeling safe. As she so rightly pointed out there is no point in going way out of the comfort zone where fear prevents learning from happening.
We look forward to repeating the experience this autumn when Sue will be returning to Europe.

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