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reclaiming your power

Posted : Thursday 15th October

We had a great week recently with Debbie Evans from England.  She came to work on confidence and balance. Because these are such recurring themes here I thought to do a series of posts on some of the main issues.

 In her own words she found “  a unique learning experience for those seeking to connect with horses on an individual basis in a safe supportive environment with instruction tailored to individual needs “

I would like to complement Debbie on her courage, great courage to come to a new place knowing she would have the challenge of getting on a strange horse and looking straight at her fear.

One of the most effective tools for Debbie was the idea of reclaiming her power. The power  to choose. To practice asking in the moment  “ Am I actually in danger or is my mind presenting scenarios so that I think I am in danger ? “   The former will keep us safe when there is real danger but the latter will sabotage our enjoyment and can even cause some of those scenarios to play out as our fear and tension can affect some horses. Understanding that the mind is our tool but we are not its slave can help us look objectively at what is going on when we get stuck in fear. We can be more present and assess the appropriate action for the actual situation. Our training in deep breathing helps in making a conscious choice while being supported by compassionate teachers and gentle horses.

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