The course with Susan and her horses really gave me my confidence again to get back up on a horse and be able to enjoy riding . To conquer my fear as they say. I now feel a lot more comfortable and in control while in the saddle. Tracy Bridges, Mallorca                                                                                                                                          

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Tracy Bridges, | March 2015


The course exceeded my expectations right from the start. It has been an all encompassing joyous experience, much more than I ever could have imagined. Susan is a wonderful mentor and an extraordinary loving human being. The ranch breathes warmth and love for the horses and the environment. I would recommend anyone to treat themselves to the inspiring journey I had in taking this course. It literally made me jump for joy. While working with the horses I felt like a child again. dorothé smits,  holland.

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Dorothé Smits, | January 2015


I have had a wonderful week with Susan doing a perfect combination of groundwork and riding. It is pure joy to sense when such a big powerful horse really enjoys working with oneself. That was made possible through wonderful instruction, positive encouragement and of course the horses who are beautiful, relaxed, friendly and great teachers.

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Maria Vinberg, | January 2015


I have just spent an enjoyable week at La Luz.  The stay was to regain my riding confidence and learn more about horses.    I always felt comfortable with Susan as she was very patient, attentive and understanding in my lessons and was thoughtful and helpful throughout my stay.  It is a place, not only to horse ride but to learn from ground work in the school with the horses as well and to spend time grooming them and giving them treats!  There was much hospitality during my stay at the ranch as Susan and her family all made me feel most welcome.   The meals prepared for me by Alex who is Susan’s caterer were all delicious.  The ranch is situated in a very beautiful area surrounded by mountains which was also a lovely place to relax and appreciate the tranquil setting and watch the horses.  It was a lovely week to experience    

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Karen Anderson, | September 2014


 After the death of my horse 3 years ago I came to La Luz to just to be with horses again, get back to connecting with them. I achieved all that and much more than I could ever have expected. The course was skillfully created to suit my needs and adapted each day as I progressed.  La Luz is a peaceful place with lovely well balanced horses. The instruction was warm hearted, patient and brilliant. All together it was more than I can put into words, really a gift from heaven.

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Beatrix Schúrch, | June 2014


I had a fantastic week where I planned to  improve my basic riding skills but equally to learn some groundwork techniques to communicate with horses and attain  their trust.  I have seen many You-Tube videos on natural horsemanship like join up so  I wanted to learn Susan’s own techniques at La Luz.  The third goal was to learn some stable management routines including horse care and about spotting common horse ailments.  I achieved all of this and learnt how to de-stress too.   I must add that the horses are beautiful, spirited and perfect to learn with. It is easy to fall in love with them.  Thankfully Susan is a generous person and she was not possessive about me falling in love with her horses too.   The atmosphere is relaxed, caring and calm, living up to the name of the centre, La Luz, yet Susan gives a sense of authority and order due to her vast experience as a  rider and trainer.  I’m recommending this to all my friends: if you like horses then great, even if you’re not that interested in horses – it’s still perfect! Richard, Clapham, London, June 2014

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Richard Featherstone, | June 2014


Last  November  I attended a 3 day clinic, given by Susan in Ronda, with my 13 year old mare. I was so inspired by Susan’s method of teaching that I decided to take my  year old gelding, Cayetano, to stay with Susan at her lovely home in Álora. Susan and her family made me feel very welcome and Cayetano settled in immediately, which was a relief as it was his first time away from home. I had certain goals to work towards achieving with Cayetano and with Susan’s gentle, unhurried way of connecting with young horses, day by day, both my horse and I started to form a partnership in a totally natural, unforced way. I was also fortunate to ride Susan`s horses which she has trained with total lightness, so that they respond to the slightest change in the riders energy and breathing. She is passionate about her horses welfare and seldom have I seen a yard of such contented, relaxed animals. I am thrilled with what I have achieved in just 7 days and know that my increased awareness of ‘feel’ will greatly enhance my continued training with my horses. With huge thanks to Susan for her generosity, kindness and unwavering belief.

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Emma Baverstock, | March 2014


Susan´s guidance gave me the perfect mix of clear technical instructions together with an approach of searching and finding the true and underlying feeling from wich everything emerge.   Understanding - experiencing – transformation – action – art   In addition to learning about riding, my week at La Luz also became a journey into my self. I opened up and shared to Susan about myself, my frustrations, motivations etc.  After that, she gave me so much support and also free space to experience on my own. I realised that the way I ride is the way I live my life, so trying out new approaches in riding, brings changes to my life.      Nils,  engineer and musician , july 2013

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Nils Svensson, | July 2013


What an exceptional week with Susan! With her brilliant and loving guidance I came further in my riding than I had ever expected. Having experienced an accident some years back, I started off feeling rather scared when I went on the horse. At the end of the week I felt so much joy, being one with the horse and fully in my power again on the horseback and that is a memory for life. I am happy that I shared this experience with my partner. We grew so much in our relationship during this week, simply by Susan’s ability to show that who we are with the horses is how we live our lives and in our relationship. I wish anyone who wants to grow as a rider and a person to experience the magic a La Luz!   Marie Kaufmann, Sweden, July 2013

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Marie Kaufmann, | July 2013


I had a fantastic experience at Centro Ecueste La Luz. With no prior horse experience, during 5 days I was able how to both ride and train horses on a basic level. Through Susans advices I quickly gained confidence around the horses and got an expectation of horses can be affected by calm breathing and physical directions. I will recommend Live and Breathe Horses to anybody.                                                                                            Hi Susan,   I did my own memo of my learnings at your place. Have a read here if you want: http://digitalglobalization.com/what-i-learned-from-riding-horses-in-spain/   All the best,   Steffen Hedebrandt

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Stephen Hedebrandt, | July 2013

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