Pony Club


We run Pony Club every Saturday with juniors in the mornings from 10am till 1:30pm and teenagers in the afternoon from 3:30pm till 6pm at a cost of 10 euros per child.


pony club

At Pony Club the emphasis is on fun as we explore all aspects of horsemanship including riding, stable management and ground work. We work toward diplomas to give a progression and also hold competitions and camps in the summer.

For children ( and all those who wish to learn ) there is a lifetime ahead of pleasure and discovery, each horse is unique so will teach you something different if you apply yourself to the physical, mental and emotional aspects involved.

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children’s development

The practice of horsemanship is of immense value to children’s development. As their confidence and knowledge increase they will develop resourcefulness, courage and skills. Above all they will discover the joy of riding and loving bond we can make with horses and ponies.

Pony Club is open to everyone including children with special needs
Please feel free to contact us for more information

” We ride for pleasure but let us do it well!! “