Touching Nature

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Our Touching Nature program has been developed, and of course is constantly evolving, to help humans find their way home, to nature, to their own truth and essence of being. In our high tech, high speed world of too much information it is important to find a space where we can be at peace with ourselves and in harmony with nature. In that silent stillness we may find connections which are much more real than the wifi kind !

Living the moment

The power, grace and captivating beauty of horses help us to be present, living the moment fully with all our senses so we feel enlivened and revitalized. Their strength, sensitivity and natural disposition to interact with humans help breakdown communication barriers and create connections  based on trust, mutual respect and love.


Horses are total and authentic qualities which they inspire in us humans and which help our lives to flow. They live in the present, are non-judgmental  and retain their connection with nature. Their communication is based on body language and energy. It is clear, concise and straightforward. So working from the ground with these intuitive beings help us connect with our own intuitive naturalness.


Horses respond to love more than anything and they do relight that flame which is in all of us. After all is said and done the one thing that heals  more than all others is love. Horse help us to feel that we are loveable beings and once we learn to love ourselves we can then give and receive love in a healthy natural way.

“Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

Touching Nature     

Our Touching Nature program is fun and lighthearted yet effective in creating a space where we can simply be. It can also enhancing our aliveness and help us be more grounded . Working with horses can guide us, tapping into our “ancient animal” and sharpening our instincts. The animal world is remarkable in its undistorted governing by natural law. It is a world of cycles and seasons and ordered, adaptive movement. Life and death go hand in hand and this primordial embrace confers a quality of passion and immediacy to a realm from which us humans have become sadly distanced through intellect and delusion.  

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why not try a ” healthy holiday ” revitalise yourself with horses so you can stress less